The subject chosen as the theme of the 2019 RLHS Forge Mill Exhibition is “My Redditch Memories”.
We all have memories from our past. You may have been born and brought up in Redditch and have memories of your school days; your first job; what you did in your spare time; where you went shopping; a sport you played or a team you supported and probably many more topics.
You may have come to Redditch with your parents; to start a new job, to move near your family or perhaps to retire here and you too have memories of Redditch in the past.
We therefore think that everyone has a contribution to make to this exhibition.
All we ask is that you write down one or more of your memories for us to include in the exhibition. If you have a photograph or two to go with that memory good, we will scan them in and use them.  If you don’t, don’t worry we’ll find some from our archives that matches your memory.
If you can, type up your memory and send it to us electronically as an email or attachment to an email.  Be sure to include your name, the year of the memory and as much detail as possible. If you cannot send it electronically we would still like it. Just send it in hand written and we will type it in. 
Memories should be about 250 to 500 words long but please if you have more than one, send them all in.
The form downloadable below shows what information we are looking for, please use it as a guide.
Please send them to:
or post them to Redditch Local History Society,
c/o 26 Newton Close, Oakenshaw South,
Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 7YR
or hand them to me at a RLHS meeting.
Download the Memory Request form by clicking the link below:
You can download a copy of this request by clicking here.
The sooner you can submit them the less panic we will be in in September.
Derek Coombes
RLHS Archivist
or submit on-line by clicking here.
My Redditch Memories
The 2019 RLHS Forge Mill Exhibition